83-year-old woman fallen into the gorge was saved due to her cat who led the rescuers to his human who was in danger

An intelligent cat rescued an elderly woman.

For the rescuers to hear the cat’s voice, he kept meowing to save his beloved human. The rescue team of the police department arrived and acted quickly.

What’s more,l a man who was passing by the woman’s house heard tho strong meowing and informed the officer. Turned out it was the woman’s caring cat and his name was Piran.

Due to this furry rescuer, the woman was saved. The officers started the task of an elderly woman who was fallen down the gorge of seventy feet depth and stuck.

Soon the crew of fire arrived and arranged the rescue mission. Eventually, the woman was saved, she had no injuries.

She was moved to a hospital to get medical treatment if needed.

If not for this heroic furry baby, his beloved owner might die.

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