As she represents Chloe’s brand, Ashley Graham urges greater diversity in the fashion industry

As she represents Chloe’s brand, Ashley Graham urges greater diversity in the fashion industry

As a plus-sized model, Ashley Graham has blazed a route in the fashion industry.

The 36-year-old brunette beauty is appreciative of her achievements and chances, but she also says that some designers still refuse to outfit her for red carpet events.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl was featured in a video on Good American’s social media channels on Monday, discussing diversity.

‘Good American and I resonate because they are all about honesty, about being who you are and being true,’ Ashley said at the annual Good American open casting call in Los Angeles.

For me, what does inclusion mean? It entails witnessing all individuals of all backgrounds being included,’ she continued.

She said, “Being kind to everyone and bringing representation of all types of beauty and normalizing it to the fashion industry, to the world, to the media, to everyone is one of my main missions in life.”

Graham continues to experience prejudice and closed doors while visiting some designers and fashion companies, despite her popularity.

“At the Good American’s open casting call event in Los Angeles over the weekend, she told People that there are still some designers who have said, ‘Sorry, we can’t, we’re just not going to design something for a bigger body.”

“In certain aspects, things have completely changed, and in others, they have changed drastically,” she went on.

“And for that reason, I won’t stop dressing people in larger sizes and talking about my body because it’s not the norm yet.”

Ashely quickly clarified that, particularly for newer brands, the majority of designers she approaches are willing to manufacture items for her.

However, the basic truth is that producing clothing for larger sizes requires the use of additional resources and fabric.

She said, “The way the industry is set up right now, it costs more to make clothes that fit and look good on people with bigger bodies.”

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