A brave Labrador retriever named Marley saved his owner’s life from a rattlesnake attack

A courageous dog labrador Retriever saves the life of his owner from a deadly snake attack.


The young owner was afraid he would lose his beloved friend. Alex tells how his pet with the name of Marley literally saved his life. The guy went out to the yard of his house in San Diego.

Suddenly, under a table which was placed outside, he heard a strange noise. Turned out it was a dangerous snake who got ready to attack. While the guy was confused and scared the retriever rushed from the house and stood right between them.

Alex thought it was the end and the snake would kill his dog.

He bit the brave dog on the tongue and the neck. Alex and his family immediately took him to the hospital, even though they expected a bad ending.

Hopefully, after a couple of antidote doses and spending two days in the hospital, Marley was returned home to his family and now enjoys his life.

If not Marley, the young boy could get into a very dangerous situation.

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