A caring cat mom sneaks into the veterinary clinic to reunite with her kittens

In New Zealand, 4 lonely kittens were dropped at a Vet Clinic.

The staff immediately let them in and started to take care of them. First, little ones needed to be fed.

But the next morning, they noticed an adult cat who was standing at the front door and nervously trying to get inside the clinic.


Finally, someone let her in, she got examined and turned out that she was a nursing mother.

People already guessed that the kittens and this cat are related to each other somehow. So they were quickly reunited, it was a gentle, touching scene. The cat immediately started to feed her babies.

Probably, someone thought those kittens were alone put them in the box, and brought them to the clinic. And the mother desperately searched for them and hopefully, found them in the clinic. Perhaps, maternal instinct helped her? who knows.

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