A dog behaved strangely because he felt that something was wrong and then he saved his 89-year-old neighbor’s life

A man named Rob went for a walk with his Dane dog. It was St. Patrick’s Day. The dog behaved as usual but suddenly he froze in place.

He started gazing attentively at the black forest. Suddenly, they heard a voice of a wounded animal. Sadie started to whin and rushed to help. When they got into the forest, instead of an animal they discovered Rob’s neighbor, Albert.

This old man fell and couldn’t get up, turned out he broke his thigh. This poor man desperately called for help. Rob took him home, then he was immadiately got hospitalized.

His wife thanked Sadie for saving the life of her husband. If not the dog, the man could have died in the forest.

The grandson of Albert spread this incredible story of two local heroes on his Facebook page.

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