A dog covered with tangled fur would have died if the good people hadn’t met him

Luck is a very important factor in the life of all of us․ If you are lucky, you can have a loving family, caring owners, warm and friendly environment.

Meet this tormented and bleak dog, whose appearance hinted to us that he had the worst past ever.

The kind and wonderful people, who will become the dog’s owners in the future, found him in the middle of the roadway one rainy Thursday night. From his looking everyone can guess that he is good-acquainted with all the problems and hardships.

The dog’s founders wrote about it on the social network, everyone reading the report was surprised and excited. One of the readers was a woman who owners a salon for pets.

During her non-working hours, she was engaged in helping volunteers and rescuers of the tiny and unprotected animals. When she read the story, she contacted the dog’s founder and invited them to her salon.

Apparently, no one ever cut the dog’s tangled hair. Salon’s owner groomed the animal for free and suggested taking him to a vet. Unfortunately, the pup had lost the ability to hear and see. But that was not a problem for his new and miraculous family.

Owners gave him Lucky name, and he was getting better day by day.

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