A guy rescued a small kitty which had one eye and it was noticed wandering on the roads

The name of the cat is Poppy. It was a wandering cat who was one-eyed as it had issues concerning the second one.

It was inhabiting on the roads in Egypt. When one of the locals saw the cat which had illness concerning a skin and it was deprived of love of mother. The pet was abandoned and it was alone trying to live.

The name of the resident was Ahmed who determined to assist the kitty. He turned to an animal saving center and they did not refuse to take the cat.

When the process was ongoing Ahmed temporary took the cat to his house and started to take care of it. After a time the cat was quite another animal. And 2 weeks later the cat, Poppy was moved to the rescue center of animals in New Jersey.

When the volunteers met it they were so touched by its cuteness.

They found it to be a wonderful pet. It was rather quiet and calm. Its wish is to be spread with much love and care. It easily got accustomed to the new environment.

As if it has known the employees for a long time. It was sociable and affectionate to people. Currently the staff is in the search of new house and holder.

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