A huge gorilla became friends with little primate. They are now inseperable

Sometimes monkeys can become prey. Many people hunt for gorillas and monkeys for exotic meat. Long ago, a center named Ape Action Africa was opened in support of wild monkeys.

A western gorilla with the name of Bobo lived there from the very start.

Although he seems to be scary, the hero of this story is a calm guy. Everyone loves him for his friendliness and easy-going character.

One day, as always one of the staff members was checking the surroundings when he noticed the new friend of Bobo. That baby was a little primate, and the huge gorilla hugged and kept her close to him.

These primates are called Galagos, they are night animals.

His arrival and closeness to the huge animal were a mystery. However, they became very good and caring friends and enjoyed time together.

The gorilla used to play and cuddle with him then rais him to nearby branches and leave them there.

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