A senior blind missing dog is finally found after 8 years of being lost

A friendly and adorable Labrador with the name of Sarge, who was blind because of an eye infection was lost in the mountains of Santa Cruz.

His owner Beth was the last person who saw her.

To her, the dog escaped from home and then no one could find him. She was devastated to lose her dog.

She informed the police, the rescue centers, authorities, even posted pictures of him on social media. Soon she lost her hope, as her dog was mysteriously disappeared.

But amazingly, the ending is a happy one. After more than six long years, something incredible happened. Dan, who is their neighbor, during a daily walk found the missing dog.

Dan is a firefighter by his specialty, he saw the helpless dog laying calmly on the ground. At first, he supposed that the dog is dead but when he approached he noticed Sarge being alive.

Later on, he put the poor dog on his shoulders and started to carry on. Berth was incredibly happy and rejoiced to finally reunite with her beloved dog.

But the fact that he had been lost for over eight years is still a mystery.

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