A stray dog gets his favorite purple unicorn toy when he was seen stealing it from the store

This post about a cute and sweet pitbull quickly got viral.


This dog started to take a purple toy from the store which looked like a unicorn. Every time, whenever she went outside she would probably go to the toys department and steal the extraordinary toy.

The owners always returned their toy back but Sisi was too persistent. Again and again, she stole it.

And no toy interested her, it was only the beautiful purple one.

When everyone saw that nothing will change the local officer suggested buying the toy.

When Sisu was finally reunited with his beloved toy, he was happier than ever. They were sent to a shelter. And since then, they would never be apart from each other.

Now he plays, sleeps, and spends all of his time with the toy. It’s wondering what is the reason behind this story, but the shelter workers suggest that maybe in his former family he had a similar toy. So this one might remind him of the previous toy he played with.

The story of the pitbull and unicorn soon went viral and they got lots of followers. The story was spread around social media and very soon Sisu got adopted together with his toy.

And now they have a forever and loving family.

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