A woman saw a stray shivering dog in the snow, protecting little kittens from freezing

In winter, a young woman was driving back home to Ontario.

The headlights were thrown on the strange object in the darkness. The woman stopped to check on it. What she saw, was heartwrenching. She almost burst into tears.

On the edge of the road, a street dog was curled up to protect the little kittens.

A real touching scene. He knew that the kittens wouldn’t stay long alive because of the frost. So he decided to take responsibility and protect them with his fur.

Of course, the woman was not indifferent so she put all of them into her car and drove them to the closest shelter for animals. The staff members were amazed at the kind act of the dog. Due to his kindness, the kittens didn’t freeze and die.

So now the kittens will receive proper treatment.. The dog was a hero who couldn’t leave them easily as a gentle bond made the dog to stay awhile next to them.

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