After regaining her eyesight the ex blind pit bull meets her foster parents for the first time and the scene touches people’s hearts

This is a heartwrenching story about a blin abandoned pit bull with the name of Hazel, who wished to find a forever loving family.

But once she had her vision back, her life drastically changed.

The touching meeting with her new owners Sam and Elli was so beautiful, everyone was touched by the scene. They initially did everything possible to make their house comfortable for the blind dog to feel secure.

But Hazel’s eyesight started to improve. But they were just her foster parents who had to give her to another caring family.

Very soon, a very kind couple Pete and Allison loved the cute dog at the first sight.

Learning about her sad story they decided to adopt her immediately. At the time of the arrival at the new house, Hazel had to undergo surgery. It was successful and the couple helped Hazel to recover quickly.

Once she regained her vision, they went to visit Hazel’s foster parents. Her reaction was so touching, she was very excited to meet his first kind owners for the very first time and show the gratitude.

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