Amazing cat becomes a supporter and nurse for the shelter residents

In Poland, in a simple animal shelter, caring and compassionate people and workers help the poor animal to have a happy life.

Many of them got there to get medical assistance. One of the residents is a cat with the name of Radamens.

He is the one who makes the shelter to be so caring and unique. You see, this little one supports his friends during pains, operations, and in general in touch situations. He is always there to help.

But this cat itself got here with severe disease and he was not allowed to socialize with other residents. He was supposed to be euthanized.

But due to the staff efforts, he survived. Perhaps, this situation and a chance for a second life made him take care of anyone around him. He became the friend, the protector, and the supporter.

Staff members even called him a full-time nurse.

It’s incredible how can animals feel toward each other, and give proper care and support to each other.

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