An American family discovered a forest guest in the pantry

A few months ago, a family from the American town of Missoula woke up in the morning to find a black bear in their house. The county sheriff’s department later determined that the animal entered the hallway and somehow locked the door from the inside.

When the bear realized that he could not get out, he began to smash the room, but then he got tired and lay down to sleep, climbing onto a shelf in the pantry. It was there that the law enforcement officers discovered him, having left at the call of the frightened owners.

Mishka felt at home so much that he was not at all surprised by the arrival of uniformed employees. When there was a knock on the pantry glass door, he slowly stretched himself, yawned, and began to watch the people without any interest.

Department staff, who hoped that the bear would leave the home of its own free will, did not expect such a reaction. Despite the wide open doors, the forest guest was not going to go anywhere, but only yawned sleepily.

I had to take extreme measures. Specialists from the Montana Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Parks were called to help, who shotthe bearwith tranquilizeer darrt.

The unlucky dormouse was moved to safety in its habitat. And the owners were able to breathe a sigh of relief – it’s not every day, you know, bears get into the house! They decided to change the door locks just in case.

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