Chihuahua hid in the suitcase to join his humans for a vacation Texas couple’s vacation by

An interesting couple in Texas decided to go on a vacation. Although their chihuahua pet ruined their plans.

While checking in at the airport, the couple realized one of the suitcases was way heavier than the others, approximately five pounds.

Once they opened the case, their little pet popped out. No wonder the little one liked wrapping around the clothes but hiding in the suitcase? A surprising turnover. Icky surprised everyone, even the airport workers as well as the flight attendants.

Hopefully, a staff member with the name of Cathy happily took the dog and promised to take care of it while the couple was on their desired and long-awaited vacation. The couple could basically face real accusations, the authorities might think that they hid the dog on purpose to take him with them.

However, they understood the situation and supported them without any issues, as Cathy agreed to take the doggie with her.

They even stated that that was not the first time eas chihuahuas instinctively crawl underclothes to hide from predators, it’s their habit.

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