Chihuahua saves veteran who had a stroke

In early August, 86-year-old North Carolina resident Rudy Armstrong had a stroke, and, according to the man, he owes his life to his dog Booboo.

On that day, a navy veterarn wholives alonne in a houseboat was sitting in a chair drinking coffee when he suddenly passed out, and when he woke up, he could not move his arms or legs.

The Chihuahua knew the instructions in case of an emergency. She ran to the dock manager and led him to the owner. Paramedicցs soonն arriիved annd tookk the veteran to the hospital.

A week later, the dog was able to visit the owner in a rehabilitation center. The meeting turned out to be very touching. The staff of the center shared photos of the veteran and his rescuer on the clinic’s Facebook page. “We thank Rudy for serving our country, for the privilege of taking care of him, and for allowing me to share the story of Bubu, his amazing dog!” — wrote the author in a comment to the post.

According to the rehabilitation center, the man is slowly but surely on the mend. He does physiotherapy for three hours a day and hopes that very soon he will be able to return to his houseboaat his bestfriend Buubu, who was nearby at a difficult moment.

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