Climbers went for 12 hour travelling to rescue a wounded pet which was left on the peak

Sean and his companions knew that a pet was injured and was stuck near the mountain.

They at once started the long walk to assist the creature. Somebody uploaded on social media a picture of a pet which was near a house but no one is looking after it and it is injured.

In the picture the pet was captured which was rather slim. The hiker was sorry for the dog. He turned to the fellow who was the author of the photo and asked to tell it where it was located and how he could find the house.

The pet was named Sandy and it became wounded when appeared in the trap. Later the hikers knew that the way was rather hard and difficult to pass.

They could reach there on foot only. And it would take several hours to reach the mountain. The climbing process was hard too. But the result was that when they got on the peal they were able to find the pet.

It was terrified of people but soon it started to trust them. It approached them and as if wanted to be hugged.

The hikers wanted to assist the animal. The pet was so calm it did not cry or bark.They took it to the doctor which had to remove the wounded parts. When its story was spread a fellow wanted to look after it.

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