Doctors cut off the cat’s ears because of a benign tumor

Have you ever wondered what animals need besides love, attention, and compassion? The answer to this question is- NOTHING, absolutely nothing.

They only dream of loving family and caring owners.

Today’s little cat whom we want to introduce you used to be a homeless animal, who wandered and lived in one of the Chinese cities. He could not eat properly, ate what he could find. And maybe it was the reason for his endless diseases.

When volunteers saw him in the streets they immediately found a new and cozy shelter. Maybe he would have a good and happy life if he didn’t have serious health problems.

The feeble cat had a lot of problems with his ears. The doctors diagnosed a benign tumor. And the worst thing was that the tumor could not be cured, it was incurable.

Therefore the doctors decided to remove his ears in order not to torment the animal with a huge number of surgeries.

The cat gradually recovered and every year on April 26 its new owners celebrate his birthday, as he was adopted on that day.

We should always say our sincere words of gratitude to those people for whom appearance is the last thing they may be interested in.

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