Dog travels 100 miles to be reunited with family

Ping-An meanss “ssafe andsound”. This is the name of a golden retriever who walked a hundred kilometers to return to his owners. The name turned out to be telling, and, in the end, the dog found a home.

The owners of a golden Labrador named Ping An started a major overhaul at home. So that the dog would not get underfoot and not breathe cement, it was taken to friends in another city. Friends lived a hundred kilometers from their home. They looked after the dog, loved it and took care of it – but the heart of the animal could not stand the separation. The Labrador was able to spend only four months away from his family and ran away. Ping An walked along the roads from Nantong to Qidong. Her paws were covered in blood and she staggered with fatigue when she finally reached her native area.

The journey took two weeks. She was noticed by workers at the construction site of the business center: the dog looked emaciated and deeplunhappy duetothe factthat he could not find the owners. They took the animal to themselves and first of all took it to the vet.

The workers healed the dog’s worn paws, fed it and posted an ad on WeChat, a Chinese messenger. The owners responded on the first day and rushed to take their pet home. They promised that now they would definitely not part with her until their last breath – Ping An’s devotion touched them so much.

The man said that the Labrador is only a year old, she is almost a puppy. Ping An spent the first six months with her family in Qidong and became terribly attached to them. But no one expected the dog to run away from his friends. For two weeks of searching, everyone has already said goodbye to the hope of finding a retriever, but – what a miracle – she came to people.

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