Heartwrenching moment, the soldier reunites with his beloved friend whom he saved during the service in Iraq

During Iraq’s service, this man saved many lives.

His name is Nick who is a member of the National Guard Army, and during his military service in Iraq, he transported lots of wounded servicemen to safety. Being in the war zone for a long time, his only friend was a puppy. One time, the little one was wandering across their hangar.

At that time they got connected with each other. He was named Aireys, who was still a baby. Since then, Nick took care of him, fed him with the food for the soldiers.

And very soon they became inseparable friends. Nick really adored his friend who brightened the days during the tough war.

But soon, Nick’s service was almost over, but he couldn’t take Aireys with him. He was broken, But in the future, his dream was fulfilles, and due to the SPCA and Pups Operation of Baghdad, organized the transportation. Eventually, in a couple of months, he got to his beloved owner.

But Nick was a bit worried that the baby won’t remember him. But once Aireys left the cage, she recognized her human and rushed to him to lick his face.

Nick burst into tears, he was the happiest person now as his best friend is next to him, safe and sound.

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