Hero Rottweilers rush to help the freezing helpless woman lost in the field

Many think that the breed of Rottweilers is usually aggressive, but in fact, they can be gentle and even act as real heroes.

Recently a group of Rottweilers saved an old lady’s life who was lost in a sports field of the school. It was winter when Jack, David, their nephew, and 4 dogs were out for a walk.

It was around midnight when they stopped by the field and the dogs rushed there with loud barking. Turned out they found an old woman shivering on the ground.

Probably she got lost and couldn’t find the way back.

The female dog kept licking her, helping her to not be cold. Thankfully the old woman was found exactly by dogs, or else the worst could happen.

David called the ambulance. Later, he was informed that the poor lady got off the bus in the wrong place and got lost.

Due to the hero dogs, she was found and now successfully recovering.

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