Husky dragged the woman into the woods to show her the poor, newborn abandoned kittens

A disabled mother of three children named Whitney lives in Georgia. She is unable to walk so her family as well as her loyal husky with the name of Banner helps her.

And once the dog started to behave strangely, the woman knew for sure that Banner was just trying to tell something.

Banner suddenly barked and jumped on his owner pulling out from clothes and taking her out of the home. He just grabbed her and started to leed in an uncertain direction.

Following him, the woman reached to the forest bushes. And at that tie, she saw a box which was thrown out into the bushes.


The husky went on and approached the box, getting out a white kitten, then another one, and the last one.

According to the woman, she thought they were already dead, but thankfully there were still alive and she doesn’t know either how Banned learned about the poor kittens.

They were seven kittens, They brought the little ones home.

Indeed, they were incredibly tiny, perhaps they were one day old. So caring for them was a real challenge for a disabled woman like her.

But she made it, of course with the help of her pet. After the full care, Banner lied next to them to make them feel safe and protected.

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