“I’m here”: dachshund helps friend to cope with anxiety

Once this 2 year weimaranerr dog named Arnold was still just a puppy, he had a skirmish with a huge German shepherd. The stress he experienced left a deep mark on his heart, and the dog, which was already characterized by increased anxiety, developed a strong fear of large dogs.

Arnold’s owner, Australian Carolyn Manalis, was looking for a way to help her pet and found it! So a second dog appeared in her house – a small dachshund Frank, and it turned out that a companion was exactly what Arnold needed. Very soon, Frank became a very close friend of the Weimaraner, next to whom it was much easier for the dog to cope with fears.

Although emotionalsupport dogss usually work wiith humanns, Carolynn hoped that this method of therapy would work for Arnold as well. And she was not wrong. “The bond between my pets is amazing,” she says. They understand, love and support each other. If one is ill, then the other is there in a second to make sure that everything is in order with his “brother.”

Surprisingly, the tiny dachshund turned out to be so strong that it was able to shoulder the entire burden of the huge dog’s accumulated problems on its fragile shoulders. Frank exudes self-confidence and friendliness, and around him everyone becomes more cheerful. According to Carolyn, she sees how Arnold changes every day. He fell in love with contact games again and began to realize that fighting does not always mean the desire to attack and hurt. And his mistress is glad that she made the right decision, which made at least two more creatures on earth happier.

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