“I’m with you”: a little child rushed to comfort a dog who was frightened by a thunderstorm

For pets, a thunderstorm with thunder and lightning often becomes a great stress, because the animals cannot understand where these frightening sounds come from.


Pets begin to look for secluded places where you can wait out the bad weather. And no matter what size you are and whether you have sharp fangs – fear and horror spare no one.

So, in a video recently shared on Twitter by a user under the nickname CORY, a golden retriever was frightened by a thunderstorm and decided to sit it out in the bathroom. A one-year-old baby came to the aid of a frightened animal. The footage shows how the child soothes the pet, hugs and strokes him, something very actively telling him in his children’s language. What touching support! Next to such a friend, no thunder is terrible.


A tender video with a baby and a retriever has already been watched by more than 900 thousand users on the network, and many of themleft posotive comment. The subscribers were touched by the kind heart of a child who could not remain indifferent, seeing the suffering of a four-legged friend.

The protagonist of the video and his parents received a lot of compliments. “You can see that the child grows up in an atmosphere of love and care. We all need more kindness and compassion in this world! Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes. I’m glad that these two found each other,” one user commented on the video.

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