Kind man: the guy took off his T-shirt to warm the street dog

A few days ago, Fernando Gabriel, a resident of Sao Paulo, was walking along a subway station with his brother Felipe, when he suddenly came across a stray dog. The mongrel lay on the floor and shivered from the cold. Felipe stopped and, in front of a surprised Gabriel, began to undress.

The man took off his sweatshirt and then his T-shirt. He put the sweatshirt back on and pulled the T-shirt over the dog.

According to Gabriel, everything happened very unexpectedly. At first, people just walked by, but when they realized what was happening, they stopped and started filming what was happening on video. One of the videos, with the permission of the Brazilian, was published on Youtube on the user’s channel.

The hero of the video himself admitted in an interview with The Dodo that he did not expect such attention. He just felt sorry for the chilled dog and gave him a T-shirt – by the way, his favorite. “Nothing, she looks better on him,” the guy laughs.

The brothers later returned to the subway station again to take the dog home. But, unfortunately, it was not possible to find it. Felipe says he’s sorry he couldn’t do more for the dog that day. But he hopes that his act will become an inspiration for other people and teach them to be kinder to animals. “One person cannot change the whole world. But he can help his neighbor,” says Felipe.

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