Little baby is friends with the cute feathered duck

Instead of a toy duck fr the bath this baby has a real one!

A couple of years ago Bee arrived at this family when it was just a duckling.

The baby’s father saw it in the store, all of the ducks were already sold so that was the only one left in the store. And soon, Bee became a best friend to the baby Tyler. It’s funny to know that the baby’s first word was “duck”.

Tyler’s mother soon created a Facebook account and posted photos of them together, playing, eating, sleeping, playing together. Their friendship got stronger and stronger.

Whenever Tyler sits calmly to eat the duck cries and begs for food too. They ruin the house whenever they decide to play.

Seems like he is also Tyler’s protector. When Tyler cries, Bee comes quickly to see what happened with his friend.

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