Meet the star Wiley,a Dalmatian puppy with a heart-shaped nose who won our heart and became the star of internet

We never stop being amazed by nature’s miracles. Look at this beautiful and dalmatian puppy with a unique face, that will instantly attract your attention.

The puppy with the name of Wiley already won the hearts of many people, including those on social media. You will notice a cute heart right on his nose which actually made him so famous among other dogs.

Day by day, more and more people start to follow him and be engaged in the posts of the cute dog. His owner Lexi states that she adopted him from the real breeder.

When she was informed about the uniqueness of the dog, right at that time, she realized that they were made for each other.

And she was right, she just adores her little doggie. The heart-shaped nose made the dog Wiley a superstar, especially on the internet.

More than thousand people follow the beautiful family and always encourage Lexi to post more pictures together and talk more about their life.

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