No one had wish to adopt the deaf pet but the guy who had the same disability took it under his wings

No one aimed at taking the small pet from the animal refuge.

The poor one had lost the hope that one day can have a caring owner and will live in a cozy house. But it was fortunate.

A man who did not have the ability to hear knew that there was a dog in the refuge alike him and determined that he should immediately take it from there. The trouble made them be together.

They are happy and are fond of communicating via special language. The story really gives positive vibes. In winter in 2019 there was a post about a tiny pet by a shelter.

The small animal was taken by the employees of the shelter and it was not alright. The pet had a disease. They thought the pet would not live but were struggling to save its life.

It was left in the hospital about a week and won the illness luckily. But after the illness it were not able to hear and had also issues concerning vision. No one wanted to adopt it.

But when the fellow, Nick knew about it determined to the refuge. When seeing the man the dog was not afraid and even came closer to him. Now they live together and enjoy the moment of life.

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