Great White Shark went viral after jumping 15 feet into the air
Wildlife animals very often impress people with their unaccustomed tricks. These white sharks are endangered species. These kinds of shots are rare, but professional photographers have captured the
A cute and friendly wild seal named Sammy comes to the beach to greet people and ask for a hug
A cute seal named Sammy is now a famous dweller on the beach of England. He is a very friendly and beautiful creature who loves swimming with people
Trying to help the sick dog and her puppies, the Labrador rushed under the cars to stop them
A Labrador dog with strong masculinity tried was stoping the rushing cars on the main street, pulling himself under the wheels with sonorous barking. At that time, Stepan
The majestic elephant displays impressive strength when reaching to the tree branches
A funny trick of elephant in National Park in Zimbabwe was photographed by Bobby Vial, a wildlife photographer. The elephant stretched out on its hind legs, stretching its
The pit-bull thinks that he is a cat, and his new family is shocked.
It’s rather questionable to say accurately who is the boss in the house. They usually differ from each other. Two sisters, Samantha and Bethany already know it. They
A local reporter sees the dying horse in flames and saves his life by raising awareness on social media
When the dreadful fires started in California, the majority of the people saving their lives, couldn’t save their properties, and also their pets and farm animals. The small
A missing of a little child is awful and scary for any parent., but this boy from the story was lucky to have family defenders next to him
A missing of a little child is awful and scary for any parent. But this boy from the story was lucky to have family defenders next to him.
Woman adopts another dog for her blind pet and the DNA test reveals that they are close relatives
1 year ago, a Tenessee’s citizen, whose name is Jane Salazar, decided to pet a dog. Their new pet is a fluffy and funny dog ​​called Diego. Interestingly
Tired lion dad tries to escape from his four little cubs to have some rest
Men should really be aware of what it takes to create a large family. Nevertheless, life with three or more children will never be easy. The poor lion
A pizza shop helped local shelter by putting photos of the shelter dogs on pizza boxes to help them get adopted
Probably everyone heard that the way to the heart is through the stomach, and indeed, it makes sense. The staff of the Niagara’s shelter decided to use a