This hero woman rescued a kitten who was sitting on the edge of a bridge and could fall any moment
This woman saved the life of a kitten who got into a very dangerous place. The little one was sitting on the edge of that bridge and could
The owner thought her dog died two years ago but all this time she was living in the mountaions all alone
One day, the news was spread that a stray dog lives in nearby mountains and visits some buildings in town for supplies. Asking for help, the local center
Cloud in the shape of a dog is an undeniable proof that our beloved dogs are in heaven
Did you ever look at the sky trying to find something there? Just like romantics and children do. Sometimes the shapes of the clouds may indicate something unusual,
The mother cat received many burns while heroically rescuing her kittens from the fire
We could start this story with the word FORTUNATELY, but unluckily this is not the case. There are many evil and jealous people in the world and sometimes
Kindhearted volunteers rescued twelve starving dogs’ life
Sometimes animals feel a lack of honest love, endless care, and sympathy. The reasons for these situations are various because fate plays different games with all of us.
Get acquainted with the world’s oldest animal
Turtles are known for their slowness and longevity. This tortoise with the name of Jonatan was born in the nineteenth century. He has seen the world even when
An interesting story about a dog, who jumped to the tree’s hall without hesitation
An adorable and wonderful dog with the name of Arno was rescued by his today family when he was just ten months old. Raising dogs from that age
This unique traveler was trying to leave the country illegally
Compared to human actions, animal actions are just ridiculous. And one of them is our story today. Such a funny and interesting story is very rare. The little
A story about nine pigs dog mother, this will surprise everyone
In the animal kingdom, we will never be bored. They have such incredible stories that sometimes are out of imagination. It is not new information for us that
A 59-year-old dying chimpanzee named Mama got cheered up by the surprise visit of her old friend
An old chimpanzee with the name of Mama who was around sixty years old was struggling from a very painful disease at the zoo in Netherlands. Se was