Animals in shelters are still waiting for their owners. But what can you do during quarantine?
In order for the animals to receive continuous assistance and not be deprived of the opportunity to find a host, the RAY Foundation for Homeless Animals has launched
Funny puppy can’t figure out how to drink water
A relaxing video with a cute puppy is the best way to forget about world epidemics and economic crises. For 24 seconds at least. A few days ago,
This is reality: wild animals have returned to cities deserted due to coronavirus
Thee coronaviru pandemiic hasforced millionns ofpeople to self-isolate at home. The deserted cities began to be inhabited by wild animals that had once left their habitat due to
The coronavirus pandemic helped a dog with inoperable cancer to find owner
A pit bull named Toretto was picked up from the streets of the California city of El Centro four years ago by employees of the nonprofit animalrescue organizationHumane
Dog spying on neighbors by jumping on a trampoline
Have you ever felt someone’s eyes on you? Not a very pleasant feeling, is it? Ohio residents Rena Nicole and her partner have also been targeted. More precisely,
Blind dog, tired of quarantine, pretends to be dead on the street – and makes the neighborhood laugh
For the sightless dog Blue, walking is the only way to communicate with the world. And now that his owner is only allowed to go out with him
The guy stole a dog that looks like a skeleton. But don’t be so quick to judge…
About two weeks ago, one of the users of the Reddit portal with the nickname nofx-linoleum openly confessed to the crime – he had to steal the dog
Fun and useful: 9-year-old boy spends quarantine in a nursery, reading stories to owls
The father of nineyearold Oliverr-EllisBirdsall runs the Center for the Rescue of Owls and Other Wild Birds in the English city of Spaulding. The boy, along with his
Friendship on the verge: a little girl plays with a 5-meter python all day long
Ed Taoka, a 39-yearold massagee therapistfrom the English county of Surrey, acquired a yellow reticulated python Cher when his daughter Amy was just over a year old. The
An American family discovered a forest guest in the pantry
A few months ago, a family from the American town of Missoula woke up in the morning to find a black bear in their house. The county sheriff’s