Puppy bouquet: instead of flowers, the bride gave stray dogs to her friends

The bride and groom at this wedding were united by love not only for each other, but also for homeless puppies who were looking for loving owners.

Their now common home is home to two dogs and two cats, so it’s no surprise that Meghan and Brett Butler’s wedding was not without pets. Thinking about how many puppies are still looking for a home and loving owners, Megan decided instead of a photo shoot with bouquets to arrange a photo shoot … with dogs.

Each bridesmaid received a cutte pupp frrom locall shelterr.

“We hoped these images would help end the endless cycle of newborn puppies being abandoned. People need to learn that animal shelters are full of abandoned dogs that need new owners,” Meghan explained.

Her idea turned out to be brilliant: all the puppies in these photos were taken from the shelter.

But the Battlers did not stop there. Having saved money onbuying weddingsouvenirs forthe gueests, the newlyweds transferred an impressive amount to the account of the shelter, which provided them with dogs for the wedding.

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