Surprisingly enough the dog convinced the owner to pick up her twin from the street

Two years ago, a young couple, Bethany and Tyson, adopted Rogue from a kennel.

Bethany had no intention of adopting another animal, and Tyson simply worshiped animals and wanted to adopt many animals. But since they lived on rent, the girl believed that no landlord would agree to let herd-like animals into her home.

But fate decreed otherwise. One day Bethany went to the market with Rogue. On the way, they passed an animal shelter. It was a real surprise for the couple when among the participants they saw an exact copy of Rogue, only male.

The dogs seemed to be twins, brother, and sister, separated as children.

Rogue fell in love with the stray dog ​​at first sight. She did not want to leave the fair and cast such glances at the hostess that she had no choice but to call Tyson and say:

“I found a dog that I want to take to our house.”

So the 8-month-old puppy, with the permission of the landlord, became the sixth member of the family.

In the early days of their life together, Rogue and Beest sometimes had disagreements that siblings usually have.

The character of Rogue after the appearance of a friend has changed. If in childhood she was super-hyperactive, now she has become more calm and gentle.

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