The abandoned and smallest horse spends his time with his three dog friends

This is about the smallest horse in the world. His name is Peabody and he was rejected because of his tiny body.

He is only 6 weeks old and has a weight of about twenty pounds.

A woman named Faith Smith became his owner, who was later declared as the smallest in the world. He is treated like other pets in the house.

Even though the little one got health issues, such as the issue with his jaw, being deaf and blind, didn’t stop Smith to love him unconditionally, besides, he saved the little one’s life.

Since then, the horse went to mend, his jaw started to align with his head, he is also able to see properly.

In addition, Peabody is also friends with other pets there, which are three dogs. He always spends his time with them, plays, and runs with them, saying shortly, he enjoys his life fully.

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