The dog who was thrown out of the house found a caring and loving family after long-suffering

Sometimes it is better to leave the animals in the Animal Rescue Center than to adopt them.

Unfortunately, there are many cruel and ruthless people in the world who adopt animals and start treating them badly. These people beat the animals, leave them without food, and sometimes leave them outside the house. These people simply do not have the right to communicate with animals and adopt them, because they play badly with the fate of animals.

Something similar happened to this helpless and poor dog. His master kicked him out of the house. The dog appeared in the streets, wandering the streets for a long time. He wandered so much that he found himself in a remote village where there were many dogs.

It turned out that these dogs did not like him. They were constantly attacking the dog and fighting with him.

The dog was running from one place to another, sleeping in a rusty car. He appeared in the mud and fuel oil and burned his skin. This went on until one day he was adopted by a kind and caring woman. This woman loved the dog very much and named it Squirrel.

Now the dog lives in a warm shelter, surrounded by caring people.

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