The family makes a snow party in the yard for their dying dog to enjoy the last minutes of life in the snow

A dog with the name of Maggie was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer.


The owners knew that the pet wouldn’t live till winter, so the couple Elijah and Marianna decided to give him the pleasure of snow last time. So the couple made an announcement on Facebook asking people for an equipment that produces fake snow. That would be the last entertainment of the dog’s life, as doctors were supposed to put him in a forever sleep.

Eventually, the post got viral, and it even reached to a Ice Center. They decided to help Maggie. They did cut a couple of shaving containers.

Elijah put them in the backyard and organized a little snow party for Maggie. Maggie passed away the same day. How amazing it was for the dog to enjoy her last moments in joy and peace. At least, the poor dog forgot about the pain and suffering and enjoyed life fully. He will forever stay in the hearts of his caring family.

This story touched many people. They left lots of compassionate and kind comments to support the family during this hard time.

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