The female gave the starving pet meal but the kind-hearted pet presented it to its thin kitty companion

We have seen that not only people can be generous but also animals.

These creatures can demonstrate those emotions frequently. A tiny dog the name of which was Wisey had been always a wandering pet.

Each day it was searching for food in rubbish or some meal which was thrown by a passenger. But frequently the pet had suffering because of people.

The pet was tiny but his heart was big. Once a woman the name of which was Christina noticed Wisey. She was assisting poor creatures which were not lucky and were living in the streets.

She tries to help the ones who need her assistance. That is the reason that she could not be indifferent to the pet. She determined to give meal to it.

She took a sausage and suggested it to the dog. But the pet did not eat it. It took it and started to take it somewhere. The girl decided to go after it. Then she noticed a kitty which was near a house. It was tired.

The dog approached it and gave the food to the poor animal. The cat started to eat it but not easily. Even tears appeared on her eyes. She moved them to the animal refuge. Now the pets receive the necessary care and love.

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