The mother cat received many burns while heroically rescuing her kittens from the fire

We could start this story with the word FORTUNATELY, but unluckily this is not the case.

There are many evil and jealous people in the world and sometimes the most innocent creatures suffer from their ruthless deeds.
Recently unknown people set on fire in the garage. When the firefighters came to the rescue, they found out that no one was there. But one cat kept coming and going.

At first, firefighters tried to stop the cat․ But they, of course, could not. Later on, it became clear that the four kittens were in the burning garage at the time and the cat was just trying to save its kittens.

It took the cat four times to get all its cubs out of the burning area. But unfortunately, the mother cat had a lot of burns, in particular, her nose, eyes, nose, fur. When he took all the cubs out, he immediately fainted.

The firefighters took her to a veterinary clinic, where after a while he fully recovered․ Now all the kittens are adopted, but unfortunately they are not together anymore. They are separated but are living under a warm and cozy shelter.

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