The starving and severely dehydrated orphaned mountain lion cub was rescued and is in a very good shape

Some rescuers from a Forest Service were traveling through the town of Idyllwild when suddenly they heard a slight creak.

They found a little lion cub who was lying on the road, desperately calling for its mother.

Sometime later his mother didn’t show up, the little one was left all alone. So without hesitation, the man put him into the car and drove to the Human Society of San Diego.

Examining the cub, turned out that he was only eleven pounds and that he was already 14 weeks old cub.

The cub was dehydrated, had some weakness, and constantly trembling. In 5 months of treatment, he finally got in a normal shape.

The baby is now about twenty-two pounds and she looks amazing!

The man says that probably his mother had a misfortune, as these lions never leave their kittens so helpless.

Now that he is in great shape, he was placed in a special shelter for wild animals, as he is not allowed to be attached to humans.

The time will come, and he will eventually return to wildlife.

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