The street dog Husky named Luna was left alone to die, until this stranger found and saved her life

These types of stories never stop to amaze us. People act so generous and rescue many street animals who suffered a lot along the way.

This one is about a poor husky who struggled to survive, but hopefully, she was soon rescued by a kind stranger.
Luna was found about 8 months ago, and it was hard to recognize a thoroughbred Siberian Husky in her: she was very thin, and because of scabies, there was almost no hair left on her.

A stranger found her on the streets and immediately took her, with the intention to take full care of her no matter what.
The next they he took the husky to the veterinary clinic for examination. She went through several medical treatments, afterward, she was back home with her new owner.

Thanks to the love and care of the new owner, this dog became fluffy and happy again.

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