The wild animal traveled more than 500 kilometers to find food

We always try to do the impossible so that the animals do not stay in the cages closed in the zoo.

Their place is wildlife, it is their home, their birthplace, their homeland․ But sometimes it happens that the animals live better and more comfortably in the zoo than in the wild, in the woods. This case is vivid proof of that.

The animal has traveled hundreds of miles to find food. A helpless and hungry bear passed from the Kara Sea to Norilsk.

That road is about 500 kilometers.

Fortunately, the wild animal did not attack anyone on the way, and no one shot him. The bear’s gastrointestinal tract was completely disrupted by eating a variety of foods from the trash can.

Fortunately, the bear was found and sent to a zoo, where it was fed and then taken to a veterinarian.

Now the bear is receiving treatment, but we must not forget that in any case he is a wild beast and is dangerous to humans.

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