This incredible cat has only two legs and he teaches people to be kind

These wonderful owners of the unique cat, tell Instagram and other social media about their disabled cat, in advance of all pets who have disabilities.

A cat with the name of Rexie Roo is a great example that animals in need, especially with disabilities need to be loved and cared for well, as they don’t differ from other animals much.

Before finding his best people, the cat went through a difficult path. In 2020, this cat experienced hard life, his front legs were broken and he was bought to a shelter in Utah.

The shelter staff didn’t have enough resources to help the cat, so they posted a message for help on social media.

Hopefully, the Animal Welfare Organization team in Utah was not indifferent to this post. They visited the shelter and took the cat to a rescue center.

It was there that veterinarians realized that there was no way to save the front legs, they had to amputate them.


After the successful operation, Rexie learned to walk and live without his legs.

So watching a touching video of Rexie, a woman decided to adopt and take care of him. Soon after, an Instagram page was created by the family members to show others the inspiring story of a brave animal.

This cute pet lives freely as if nothing happened. He is now a happy cat who appreciates every moment of his life.

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