This retriever discovers his soft bed occupied by the stubborn kitten

The reason for the conflicts between cats and dogs stays a mystery. Why do they always fight with each other.?



Well, now are you ready to see an angry dog who discovers a cat on his bed? The kind dog named Bailey gets irritated seeing his bed stolen by this little cat.

He always loved laying on his soft bed after a long day. Imagine his reaction this time. he tries to threaten the kitten so that he will immediately leave his favorite spot but in vain. The kitten doesn’t even move. Everything is fine even next to the huge nervous dog.


the hopeless retriever started barking and moving round and round. But the cat was indifferent to any kind of action. He even tried to bite his bad and pull it out and scare, but this witty little one is fearless and careless.

Eventually, the dog lost hope and just lay down close to the bed, not even looking at the stubborn witty cat. But soon the cat shared the bed with the ex-owner.

The scary war ended with peaceful negotiations.

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