This starving cat used his cunning skills in the market to have a warm shelter

Friends are an important part of our lives.

Making friends is not easy. It is also not easy to maintain that company.

Helpless and hungry cat decided to use his cunning skills to make friends. He needed not only friends but also shelter. So cunning and ingenuity were the skills that this little and tiny cat needed.

The cat decided to stand in front of the store and ask the buyers for food. He did so until a beautiful woman named Tanya decided to feed him.

Tanya also did not understand how she loved this cat. He adopted the animal and named it Koneyo, which literally means “rabbit”. Koneyo’s appearance shows that he did not live an easy life. The absence of its tail is a vivid proof of that.

Now the cat and the woman live together, in a warm and peaceful house.

Thanks to his ingenuity, the cat found what he had dreamed of for many years.

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