This woman hasn’t had a vacation in two years as her pet toucan suffers from severe separation anxiety

A woman with the name of Janelle adopted a little, sick toucan to save his life.

He has the name of Touki. Touki is a very stubborn and capricious animal. He really suffers and gets upset when people leave him and there is no one around him. Because of the bird, Janelle always asks one of her friends to sit with the bird when she has to go out. She even couldn’t go on a vacation for more than two years.

If no one is around, Touki screams out loud until someone appears to calm him down. The owner says that he is a cheerful and active bird, who can move everywhere and doesn’t need approval, however, he acts like a child.

According to Janelle, having a toucan requires more time, money, and effort.

For instance, she regularly feeds him fresh vegetables, fruits, which by the way are quite expensive.

What’s more, he goes toilet every ten minutes and every time on different spots. Janelle remembered the first time she saw him, he was a quiet, intimidated, and shy bird, she loved him at the first sight and promised herself that she will take care of him whatever it takes.

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