Tiny puppy was found in a dirty shoe, later he gets rescued by a kindhearted man

A little help and a bit of kindness will save someone’s life. The world would become a better place if everyone would be more compassionate.


This story about a generous and kindhearted man will definitely melt your heart.

The poor little puppy was found exhausted next to a dirty shoe, which was his shelter. He didn’t eat and drink and he had to be rescued soon as his appearance was not quite promising. If not this man, the poor one would end up dying without any help.

As we all know, most of the cases are harsh. People throw away poor animals, just like trash, as if they are not living creatures. A kind soul Goran, who was a great animal lover, noticed this devastating sight while driving through Serbia. He saw a puppy full of dirt, He looked not healthy and exhausted. He immediately gave him food and drink.

After the all medical treatment, Goran adopts him, giving him a chance to live forever in his home. The puppy was then called Smesten.

Now he looks fine, as his life has drastically changed due to his lovely rescuer!

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