Totally speechless girl astonishes people when she pronounces the magic sentence to her favorite donkey

Totally speechless girl astonishes people when she pronounces  the magic sentence to her favorite donkey

When the volunteers met the donkey in Ireland it was tied with a rope spread to its body. The animal was harmed very badly. Its holder determined to cure the erosions of the animal without showing it to a doctor. Surely he made the situation worse. The unlucky donkey was transferred to a hospital and then to a refuge.

There it made friends and also started to cure others. The children which have disabilities are taken to a stock where Shocks was transferred. One of the children, Amber got acquainted with the animal when she was 2. When being newborn she suffered different kind of operations. After that the girl was not able to talk. She had also issues with cerebrum. That is why it was hard for the girl to enjoy her life. The girl’s family was informed about that place and advised to show to donkeys.

After that the baby saw Shocks. A strong relationship was firmed along them. It assisted to conquer her fears and motivated the girl to move on. When she was 3 years she had another surgery to recover her voice. Though it did not help. The magical thing happened when she saw Shocks and embraced it and said that she loved it. Her parents were excited. Now she regularly visits the donkey and has an ordinary life like others.

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