Woman starved the dog of her boyfriend to take revenge on him

Elizabeth James, a resident of the city of Lawrence, was arrested in the United States after the activists of animal rights center took her one year old malnourisheddog. The dog was so weak that he could not stand up.

The woman brought her dog to this state to take revenge on him. They had adopted the dog together, and when the boy left after an argument, the girl decided to take revenge on him with the help of a dog. He tied the yard animal to a tree, just stopped feeding and watering.

According to the detainee, the situation lasted for about a month.

The dog was accidentally found by the neighboring boys, who went out on the fence to see who was crying in the yard. They saw the dog and immediately called the police. The police immediately arrested the sadistic woman.

We hope that the suffering of the young animal is in the past, and when he recovers, he will live in a loving and caring family.

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