You’d be amazed to see the special bond and friendship between the seal and dog

Good friendships happen between anyone, no matter their age, race, species.

Two people can be friends because of mutual understanding, convenience, and never forget about the unconditional love they share together.

But this kind of friendship also occurs in the animal world. They are also capable of love and care. Here is the exceptional friendship between a sausage dog Stanley and a seal Aayla.

The doggie saw the seal when he was brought by his human named Melanie. They liked each other immediately, Aayla, noticing the dog next to the window, quickly swam over there. And the seal kept swimming in the same place for a while.

Soon they started to pose together for a pic. They truly admired each other.

Even though Stanley was a friendly dog, he never showed interest in any other species. So the woman was amazed to see her dog befriending the adorable animal. Two cuties even touched their noses to the window whenever they wanted to say something.

The touching scene melted everyone’s heart.

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