A heroic dog saves a newborn who was buried by his own teenage mother

There are plenty of stories about incredible dogs who save lives.

This one, with the name of Ping Pong, lives in Thailand. He rescued an infant who was buried under the ground by his mother who was only a teenager. The dog was disabled, he lost his leg because of the car accident. He has always been a loyal and caring dog.

One day the neighbors noticed that he was digging the ground. His owner named Usa approached to see. Seemed like the dog froze as if wanting to say that he dug into something very important.

Usa came close and saw a baby’s legs. They immediately rushed to the hospital to save the life of the poor baby.

Later on, the case had been investigated and they learned that the baby was buried by the fifteen-year-old teenage mother who hid the baby as she was scared of her father.

She explained that she had no choice and she was too frightened. However, she will face serious investigations over the case.

To sum it up, dogs have strong instincts, and due to heroic Ping Pong, the life of the newborn was saved.

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